Amazon offer Covid Testing

Amazon are opening up their PCR Covid testing service to the UK. Using tests originally developed for their own use, they are now selling kits online. The prices will send shockwaves through the UK PCR test market as their prices are significantly lower than those of their competitors. say they have spent ‘billions’ over the course of the pandemic developing laboratories and testing facilities for both their own staff and frontline workers . This is what they are now offering UK customers in what will bring significant reductions to the cost of taking a post-travel PCR test.

Amazon offer a full range of tests – simple Day 2 PCR tests and travel bundles of both Day 2 & 8 tests and Day 2, 5 & 8 test alongside a simple PCR test. They are also offering significant reductions for bulk purchases in what will be a massive help to families and groups planning to travel together. The Day 2 test includes a reference number which is supplied via email and valid for the UK Passenger Locator Form.

Tests are self administered at home and then posted in a pre-paid Royal Mail envelope to Amazon’s Manchester laboratory. Amazon provide a schedule online which details the exact day you will receive your results based on exactly when it is posted.

A Day 2 PCR test starts at £35 for 1, but the savings start adding up when you order 2, 3 and more… 2 tests costs £63.98 which works out at £31.99 per test and so on… when you are a couple or a family the savings start to rack up! Find out more here

With NHS tests not being suitable for travel use and the costs of other providers varying widely this is very good news for both families and the Travel industry so WELL DONE to Amazon!

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