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Prestige brand Seabourn launch a new campaign ahead of the planned launches of its first purpose-built expedition vessels,  the Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit. Expected to take to the waters in 2022 and 2023, respectively they will be offering ‘unparalleled expeditions to extraordinary destinations’. Seabourn has more than a decade-long reputation as one of the world’s most exclusive ocean travel and expedition travel companies. It’s luxury five-vessel fleet offers rare and unique access to the world’s most remote and pristine locations

“Seabourn Moments”

Meanwhile Seabourn is seizing the moment to appeal to luxury-minded travellers who can’t wait to get out and explore the world again. They are launching a new Brand campaign themed “This Is Your MomentTM

Dreaming in Santorini photo Seabourn

 “Our mission at Seabourn is to enable our guests to live the largest possible life,” said Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn. “Our research points to the fact that each household has a decision maker who drives the travel planning process. 

The campaign focuses on ’empowered and affluent’ travel decision makers.  

According to market research conducted for Seaborn by Grace Creative, these decision makers are mainly a women over 50, who apparently make 87% of travel decisions. “They are in a transition period when they can own, reinvent, and follow their passions for their next act. And they have the resources to do it,” said Jennifer Nottoli, Managing Director of Grace Creative. “Our goal with Seabourn’s ‘This Is Your Moment’ campaign is to speak to those women authentically and resonate with their passions, either for themselves or with their partners, as they enter midlife and beyond.”

“Seabourn Moments”. photo Seabourn

Key to the campaign are what the company term “Seabourn Moments”. The personal, often unexpected experiences and services that distinguish a Seabourn voyage from all other forms of luxury travel. These surprise-and-delight moments have become a recognised part of the transformative Seabourn experience. The campaign video also includes scenes of  what are described as ‘active luxury’ with Seabourn guests on remote beachfronts, exploring whitewashed villages, paddling kayaks toward icebergs in Antarctica and surrounded by the stunning beauty of Norwegian fjords.

For reservations or more details contact Seabourn on 0344 338 8615 or visit

We absolutely love Seabourn. If you don’t know the brand at all you should take a look at out (pre-covid) video filmed on the beautiful Seabourn Ovation…

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