UK Cruise Industry Bounces Back!

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CLIA has revealed the UK cruise industry has bounced back after the shutdown in 2020. They have published their latest research today which shows that holidaymakers from the UK and Ireland took around 1.7 million cruise holidays last year, nearing demand levels last seen in 2019.

Viking Sky at Naples Cruise Terminal
The Med is No1 for uk cruisers – Viking Sky in Naples

In data published today, CLIA revealed that:

  • In 2022 British and Irish holidaymakers took around 1.7 million cruises up from 479,000 the previous year.
  • The Mediterranean remains the number one destination for cruise travellers from the UK and Ireland.
  • The top three destinations in 2022 were: 38.4% travelled to the Mediterranean29% to Northern Europe, and 10.6% to the Caribbean.
  • The UK and Ireland markets accounted for 29% of all European source passengers
  • Globally, more than a quarter (27%) of those who sailed for two or more nights in the last 12 months travelled in a party consisting of three or more generations, a sign that cruise holidays offer a great experience for all ages.
  • The average age of UK & Ireland cruise guests last year was 55.8 years as cruising continues to diversify and attract holidaymakers of all ages.
  • The average length of a cruise by British or Irish holidaymakers in 2022 was 9.7 days(down slightly on 2019). 
  • Intent to cruise is stronger than ever. 85% of cruise passengers from the UK say theyintend to take a holiday at sea again (a 6% increase from 2019), and 60% will do so in the next two years (up from 53% in 2022).  
  • Strikingly, 70% of those who have never cruised before would consider a cruise in the next few years (up from 68% in March 2022), showing more people are open to trying a cruise than ever before. 

We found this fascinating, it’s great to see the bounce back. If you’re tempted to book a cruise this is a great site to start your search

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