Emma’s Island Princess Arctic Circle Cruise Haugesund Norway

Harald Fairhair Statue - Haugesund

Island Princess – Arctic Circle Cruise – Haugesund Norway

Emma recently cruised to the Arctic Circle aboard Princess Cruises’ Island Princess. She had such an incredible experience that we are sharing her daily diary with you, so that you can see just what an amazing time she had!

Day 3. Island Princess – Land of the Midnight Sun ☀️

Our arrival into Haugesund was really beautiful, this is not Fjordland, but a coastal, industrial town with many outer inhabited islands, very much like the Isles of Scilly.  

Haugesund is famous for producing the metal that made the Statue of Liberty and there are many statues around the main town. This town holds also the longest pedestrian precinct in Norway. The town is 800 metres from the dock accessed by quite a steep bridge, but once there it’s pretty flat.

Lots to do here…

You can hire E-Bikes, take a tour to see the horse statues in the sea, hire a car or as we did, take the Rib Safari, sadly the golden eagles were hiding, but this was great fun. There’s also a shuttle bus, Dotto train and Hop on Hop off tours too. 

We took a rib tour around the islands

and were told all sort of things about local life! On one island nine kids travel to the mainland for school but on another island  six kiddies are all schooled together. The supermarket on Rovaer Island is unstaffed, you just pay self serve! We saw salmon farms with thousands of fish jumping around too! 

Back to the ship

and it was a hot and sunny afternoon, felt more like a Med cruise. 

Pre drinks in the elite lounge with friends we’ve made on the Facebook group, which then carried on to dinner with them. 

Evening meal in main dining room was delicious, cheese and ham croquettes to start, seafood risotto and berry pavlova for me! 

Caught up with Mandy and Martin for a nightcap and enjoying the start of the Midnight Sun! 

A super day 🇳🇴 

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