Emma’s Island Princess Arctic Circle Cruise Trondheim Norway


Island Princess – Arctic Circle Cruise – Trondheim, Norway

Emma recently cruised to the Arctic Circle aboard Princess Cruises’ Island Princess. She had such an incredible experience that we are sharing her daily diary with you, so that you can see just what an amazing time she had!

Day 5. Island Princess – Trondheim, Norway

The third biggest municipal city in Norway, Trondheim is a beautiful city steeped with music, history and culture. An easy city to navigate by foot, bike or tram and the home of the worlds only unique bike lift.

We followed the walking route and headed towards the Cathedral and ArchBishops Palace. Although we were here on a Sunday, with most shops closed, 30th July is St Olav’s day and the grounds of the cathedral were transformed into a huge festival with live music and shows plus lots of cabins selling local goods just like a Christmas market.

We headed to The Old Bridge offering stunning views across the river and the colourful stilt houses. Crossing the bridge brings you right into the district of Bakklandet, cobbled streets and colourful houses, a photographer’s paradise!

The bike lift is here, installed to encourage people to use bikes. This lift is a metal strip which you place one foot on, whilst you sit on your bike and it gently takes you up the very steep climb towards the Fortress. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have bikes so we had to climb this slope by foot, but once at the top of the Fortress, the views over the city were stunning.

We wondered back down to the city centre and to St Olav’s statue in the market square. Quick pit stop and bite to eat, we had a local specialty, a cinnamon bun, that’s baked as a knot, light and fluffy! Delicious 😋 Our final stop was The Royal Palace where you can wonder around the park and garden.

Yet again, we were blessed with another hot and sunny day, so we headed back to the ship for and ice cream and a swim in the pool. Late sailaway gave the chance for local musicians and dancers to entertain us in the theatre, showcasing local folk dance in national and regional costumes.

Edging closer to The Arctic Circle and our days are getting much longer, going to bed at 11pm and dusk is upon us!

A super day 🇳🇴 

Lots to do here…

we didn’t do any excursions in Trondheim but these are a few of the options if you want to do one…

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