Muscat, Oman – an evening in the cruise port

We only had a short visit to Muscat on a repositioning cruise from Dubai to Singapore with sunset falling about 4 hours after our planned arrival time so we took the advice of the Cruise Addicted Facebook group on our options and the best spot for a perfect sunset view. As you know, I am a sucker for a sunset and I’m happy to report that the advice was spot on so I am sharing here with you too!

Muscat, Oman – Cruise Port Guide

Muscat is the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman and a popular winter cruise destination for Middle East itineraries and repositioning cruises. It has a completely different feel and none of the showiness of its close neighbours Abu Dhabi and Dubai with their massive high rise buildings and glitz. Abu Dhabi is elegant and restrained in comparison, partly because all new buildings are required to be built with traditional features such as a dome. This is largely due to the influence Sultan Qaboos, the countries hereditary absolute monarch since 1970 when he began the “Renaissance for Oman” project. Huge investment on health, education and welfare has transformed the country into a prosperous world economy without losing any of its charm or heritage.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – A Cruise Port Guide

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates It is a very popular cruise port, both as a hub for itineraries in the Persian Gulf and as a stop on repositioning routes. One of the worlds richest cities, it has grown very rapidly over the last ten years from a small, low level fishing port to a modern metropolis of towering skyscrapers and ultra modern buildings. Some of the best tourist attractions are further out of town and of these the most important is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is truly unmissable.