Cruise Outfit Planner Download

Cruise Outfit Planner - free download

Our Cruise Outfit Planner is immediately available as a FREE download. It covers both a 7 and 14 night cruise but can also be customised with further sheets added, as needed. Use it for outfits for two people or steal the second column to save further information about your own outfit!

As well as being a useful daily reminder of that evenings outfit choices it also becomes a useful checklist when packing. Use the tick boxes and a quick glance will make sure that you have packed the right jewellery, underwear, belt or pair of shoes. Never forget those cufflinks again!

Complete it with all your planned outfits and accessories then keep it in a folder or pop it on the cabin wall with some magnets.

Then for your next cruise you can just print out and complete another!


You’ll also receive important updates and be the first to know about any events of special offers.