Enchanted Princess wins Good Housekeeping award

Enchanted Princess has been awarded a Good Housekeeping 2023 Family Travel Award, recognising the ship as “Great for Groups.” The Princess ship is one of only three cruise ship experiences selected as winners. At Cruise Addicted we are not surprised, having loved our time onboard back in May22.

Amazon offer Covid Testing

Amazon are opening up their PCR testing service to the UK. Using tests originally developed for their own use they are now selling online at prices that will send shockwaves through the UK PCR test market as their prices are significantly lower than those of their competitors.
Amazon.co.uk say they have spent ‘billions’ over the course of the pandemic developing laboratories and testing facilities for both their own staff and frontline workers . This is what they are now offering UK customers in what will bring significant reductions to the cost of taking a post-travel PCR test.